Wikid Hot Remix 🔥 Carolina Reaper Hot Sauce 6 Million Scoville
Wikid Hot Remix 🔥 Carolina Reaper Hot Sauce 6 Million Scoville

Wikid Hot Remix 🔥 Carolina Reaper Hot Sauce 6 Million Scoville

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Introducing the Underground's NEWEST Hot Sauce Challenge. "Wikid Hot Remix" is a blend of Carolina Reaper Peppers and Pure Capcasin Extract carefully crafted by the folks over at Grunt Sauce, exclusively for Tha Wikid One.


  • Carolina Reaper Peppers
  • Carolina Reaper Powder
  • Pure Capsacin Extract
  • Carrots
  • Garlic
  • Salt & Pepper
  • Lime Juice

This sauce comes with a waiver attached. You can view the waiver HERE and one will also be included in the box. Your purchase serves as your acceptance of the terms. 

Every good challenge has to have some kind of rules, right? Well as you can see from the video above, we pushed it as far as we could go, so we'll just use that as a bench mark.

  • 4 Tacos, each with a generous slathering of Wikid Hot Remix.
  • You have 10 minutes to finish the tacos.
  • Once your are finished, reset the timer for a 5 minute burn off.
  • NO FOOD OR DRINKS ALLOWED until you finish the burn off period.

We want to see you power through the pain! Record and upload your challenge video using the hashtag #WikidHotChallenge and we will share them on our page!

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Christopher M.
United States

I saw Satan

I knew this hot sauce was bad news as soon as I opened the delicately packed box it arrived in. I read and understood the waiver before even opening the bottle itself. When I twisted off the cap I noticed something vaporous escape the bottle but initially paid it no mind. I mixed a small amount of contents in with my usual wing sauce concoction and tossed my sacrificial birds in the sauce before sitting down to eat. The heat was tremendous. I immediately began to sweat and shake from the pure liquid hellfire that I ingested. As I began to vigourously cough the vapor that escaped from the bottle earlier materialized as the devil himself. He took a seat next to me and began laughing at my misfortune of attempting to consume Wikid Hot. The sauce is delicious, I give it five stars, Satan is a remarkably cordial fella. Would buy again.

Nick P

I’m a 17 time hot sauce WORLD CHAMPION consumer in my house and let me tell you, this is some bomb hot sauce. The heat is magma and the flavor is what keeps me going back for more. Def going to be ordering more from Wikid and Grunt Sauce!

Sarah Schultz

Literally the Hottest sauce next to Spontaneous Combustion

My experience? Its hard to put in words. If you are a chili head, this is definitely the stuff for you. If you have ever wondered what Hell tastes like...this is your chance. Dont forget the Milk and Ice Cream! I tried, but couldnt beat the Heat

Tha Wikid One

5 Painful Stars

I know, I'm not supposed to leave a review on my own product, but HOLY F#@% is this stuff hot! I'm sure you can tell from our challenge video that I barely made, but had to push through for all of you chill heads out there! Thanks again Grunt Sauce, I'd say you made my dreams come true, but it was more like a delicious nightmare!