What Does Horror-wood Think About Grave Dirt Clothing?

David Howard Thornton

"Their killer designs are a great work of art! No joke!"

Art The Clown (Terrifier) , The Joker (Gotham)

Brooke Lewis

"Huge Horror Congrats from Hollywood for the Opening of Grave Dirt! I have no doubt this store will be a Scary Success!" 

Horror Actress & Scream Queen

Alex Vincent

"Beautifully fu#%ed up shirts my friends! Great work 🙂"

Andy (Childs Play), The Final Note


When we say We Love Horror, that means we love  EVERYTHING HORROR! From B-rated slasher flicks to the mysteries of the Occult, if it's dangerously spooky you can bet we want to be a part of it. Horror Merchandise made by Horror Fans. Come be a part our Nightmare.