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Established in January 2018, Mort House Films is an American based Film company exclusively working in the Horror Genre. M.H.F. created Grave Dirt Clothing as a way to showcase AND offer the community amazing Art designed by our favorite Horror Artists.

We specialize in Limited Edition, Short run products geared towards the TRUE Horror fan. Our inventory is forever changing, so don't second guess yourself on that purchase, it might be your only chance to get it!

When we say We Love Horror, that means we love EVERYTHING HORROR! From B-rated slasher flicks to the mysteries of the Occult, if it's dangerously spooky you can bet we want to be a part of it. Horror Merchandise made by Horror Fans. Come be a part our Nightmare.

We may hate most things in this world, but Dark Fashion is something we are deeply passionate about and we know you are too. If you have ANY questions or concerns regarding your order, please visit our Contact Page, and we will get back to you right away with an answer/solution!.

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