Behind the Scenes with Sarah Schultz: Horror, Creativity, and Female Empowerment

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Behind the Scenes with Sarah Schultz: Horror, Creativity, and Female Empowerment

Step into the shadowy world of horror and creativity with Sarah Schultz, our co-founder and co-owner of Grave Dirt Clothing, as she unveils her latest artistic endeavors in a captivating interview featured on Don’s Horror World. This special piece, part of the Women in Horror Month celebrations, delves deep into Sarah’s work on both new and ongoing film projects and her distinctive approach to cosplay.

Sarah discusses the unique challenges and triumphs of filming “Amityville Hex” during the tail-end of the pandemic, where innovation met necessity. "We shot this movie in our home, as the height of Covid was coming to a slow stop." Sarah reveals, highlighting the intimate setting that transformed their living space into a film studio. Her collaboration with her husband Josh, who is not only a co-founder of Grave Dirt Clothing but also a skilled SFX coordinator, underscores a dynamic partnership that brings chilling narratives to life.

The interview also sheds light on their upcoming psychological horror project, “Phone in the Door,” written by  which promises to mesmerize fans with its intense storyline and strong female lead. Sarah’s enthusiasm is palpable as she describes the project: “Psychological horror has always been interesting to me personally and very spooky... We cannot wait to bring her to life.”

Moreover, Sarah’s passion extends beyond filmmaking to her elaborate cosplay sets, where she recreates iconic horror scenes with painstaking detail. One standout moment from the interview is when she describes her tribute to Sheri Moon Zombie’s character from “House of 1000 Corpses,” showcasing her deep connection to and love for horror culture.

Sarah’s empowering message for women looking to join the horror industry encapsulates her inspiring vision: "Your opinions do matter. Women in the industry have always been so inspiring to me. We all have a mix of badass and professional in us. Be both respectfully!"

For those enticed by the blend of horror and high artistry, head over to Don’s Horror World to read the full interview with Sarah Schultz. Dive deeper into her world at Grave Dirt Clothing and discover where creativity meets the macabre. Check out the complete interview here: Don's World of Horror and Exploitation | WiHM Special - Sarah Schultz 

Don't miss out on this deeply engaging exploration of horror, creativity, and empowerment.

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