2 Kids in a Trench Cloak | Sarah talks about SCREAM (1996)

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2 Kids in a Trench Cloak | Sarah talks about SCREAM (1996)


🌑 This month, we're dialing it up with a podcast appearance that captures the essence of Grave Dirt Clothing– unpredictable, thrilling, and entirely authentic. And guess who's joining the mix? Our co-owner and co-founder, Sarah Schultz, aka Jessica Stabbit, is stepping into the guest spotlight on the Graveyard Shift podcast with John and Mike.

🎬 Imagine this: a night where our very own horror aficionado and style icon dives into her favorite horror classic, "Scream." With Sarah in the conversation, expect to uncover trivia and insights that add a whole new layer to the film, all whileeeping the vibe fun and witchy. It's the perfect blend of horror lore, laughter, and those insider glimpses that make you feel part of something special.

🔪 So, let's get comfy in our favorite Grave Dirt wear, hit play on the podcast, and make it an evening where the outside world just fades away. Join us as we celebrate horror, fashion, and the unique spirit of our Grave Dirt family.


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