Finding Your Power: Using Witchcraft During a Total Solar Eclipse

Finding Your Power: Using Witchcraft During a Total Solar Eclipse

When day turns to night under the spell of a total eclipse, the energy in the air shifts, and for those sensitive to its power, it's a call to magical work. Witchcraft, with its diverse traditions spanning the globe, often sees an eclipse as a potent time for spells, rituals, and personal transformation. With the upcoming Total Solar Eclipse on April, 8th, 2024, we wanted to explore the rich tapestry of practices that come alive under the shadow of the moon.

Traditional Witchcraft

In the heart of ancient woodlands and old traditions, traditional witchcraft stirs during an eclipse. This path, rooted in the lore and land of the practitioners' ancestors, calls on the spirits of nature and the power of the elements. During a total eclipse, traditional witches may perform rites to honor the spirits, seeking their guidance or asking for protection. An example of this can be found in the casting of a circle, a fundamental ritual that creates a sacred space for the practitioner. By doing so under the eclipse, the circle becomes a conduit for cosmic energy, enhancing communication with the spirit world.


Wicca, a more modern interpretation of witchcraft that gained popularity in the mid-20th century, also places significance on celestial events like eclipses. Wiccans may use this time for esbat rituals, which are ceremonies held during full moons, but an eclipse adds a deeper layer of meaning and power. A coven might gather to draw down the energy of the eclipse, focusing on spells for healing, fertility, or protection. These rituals often involve chanting, candle magic, and the creation of talismans or amulets charged with the eclipse's potent energy.

Chaos Magic

Chaos magic, a contemporary form of witchcraft that emphasizes the pragmatic use of belief systems and the power of the will, sees an eclipse as a prime time for sigil magic. Practitioners might create a sigil, a symbolic representation of their desire or intent, specifically for the eclipse. The unique convergence of energies is believed to charge the sigil with exceptional power. As the light dims and then returns, the chaos magician focuses their intent, launching their will into the universe.

Solitary Practice

Not all witchcraft is practiced in groups; many find their power in solitude. During a total eclipse, a solitary practitioner might focus on personal transformation. This could involve meditating on personal growth, casting spells for self-improvement, or conducting rituals to banish negative energies or habits from their life. The dramatic shift from light to darkness and back again symbolizes the potential for change and renewal.

A Chanting Exercise to Feel Powerful

As the eclipse approaches, you might feel a stirring within, a call to tap into this cosmic event's transformative energy. Here's a simple chanting exercise you can do anywhere, requiring no tools other than your voice and your intent:

  1. Find a Quiet Spot: Whether indoors or out, choose a place where you feel safe and undisturbed.
  2. Ground and Center: Take deep breaths, focusing on your connection to the earth below and the sky above. Visualize yourself as a conduit between the earth's core and the stars.
  3. Focus on Your Intent: Think about what you want to draw into your life or what you wish to release. Hold this intention clearly in your mind.
  4. Begin to Chant: Slowly start chanting a mantra that resonates with your intent. It can be as simple as, "I embrace the power within me," or any phrase that speaks to you.
  5. Build the Energy: As you chant, visualize the eclipse's energy flowing into you, amplifying your words and intent. Feel the power building within and around you.
  6. Release: When you feel ready, imagine sending your intent out into the universe with the returning light of the sun. Slow your chanting and then stop, taking a moment to thank the energies that have joined you.

Remember, the power of witchcraft and the eclipse lies not just in the actions you perform but in the intent you put into them. Whether you're drawn to the traditions of your ancestors, the communal rituals of Wicca, the focused will of chaos magic, or the solitary path, the eclipse offers a unique moment to connect with the cosmic, the mystical, and the magic within yourself.

May your practice under the eclipse bring you the transformation, power, and clarity you seek. Blessed be.

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