Heathen Season | Women's Racerback Tank

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Step into the shadowy allure of the "Heathen Season" Racerback Tank, the latest addition to the Grave Dirt Clothing collection. This isn't just a garment—it's a wearable proclamation for those who thrive in the twilight of the unconventional and the bold.

Shrouded in a lightweight blend of materials, 60% combed, ring-spun cotton, and 40% polyester (4 oz/yd² or 135 g/m²), this tank is a whisper against the skin, a ghostly caress for the nocturnal souls who dance on the edge of darkness. It's the perfect companion for the midnight runner, the twilight yogi, or the sorceress who commands attention in the urban sprawl.

Each slim-fit tank is a canvas for the "Heathen Season" print, a design that resonates with the enigmatic and the arcane. The racerback cut bares the shoulders like a subtle challenge, a silent scream of defiance against the mundane, while the scooped neckline invokes a sporty hex that enhances the dark aesthetic.

For those who despise the scratch of conformity, we offer liberation—each tank comes equipped with a tear-away label, leaving nothing between you and the fabric of shadows. The fit is not just comfortable; it's a second skin, a dark embrace that moves with you through each ritual and routine.

Dimensions of the Dark:

Width, in 13.98 15.00 15.98 16.97 17.99 18.98
Length, in 26.97 27.48 27.95 28.46 28.98 29.49

The "Heathen Season" Racerback Tank is an armor for those who walk with the night, a symbol of allegiance for the ones who find beauty in the abyss. It's not just clothing; it's a statement to the world that the wearer is an acolyte of the unconventional, a disciple of the dark. Adorn yourself with the essence of Grave Dirt Clothing and embody the spirit of "Heathen Season."