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Sarah discusses the unique challenges and triumphs of filming “Amityville Hex” during the tail-end of the pandemic, where innovation met necessity. "We shot this movie in our home, as the height of Covid was coming to a slow stop." Sarah reveals, highlighting the intimate setting that transformed their living space into a film studio.

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🎬 Imagine this: a night where our very own horror aficionado and style icon dives into her favorite horror classic, "Scream." With Sarah in the conversation, expect to uncover trivia and insights that add a whole new layer to the film, all while keeping the vibe fun and witchy.  Click to Listen, now.

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From toys moving of their own accord to inexplicable emotional breakdowns, the couple faced a series of paranormal phenomena that would leave an indelible mark on their lives. "Scary Stories: My Night with a Skinwalker," offers a glimpse into the terrifying reality that exists just beyond the veil of our understanding.

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